Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our organization pivoted from its original plans for in-person volunteer opportunities, introductory meetings with healthcare providers, an in-person special event fundraiser and facilitating focus groups with families. Instead, our efforts were modified to accommodate remote access volunteer opportunities and the creation of this website to provide information, reference materials and resources for parents and loved ones, as well as mental health professionals. In addition, we were able to build upon our early stage relationship with St. Joseph’s Health and cultivate an alliance with a plan to address identified needs for their NICU facility and it’s patients.

We used this year to learn more, read more, and wherever possible, connect with related National organizations and non-profit organizations that share a similar mission across the USA. What we realized is that the challenges and triumphs for the population we serve are very similar and that by working together bigger, better, more innovative services are possible. We developed a diverse volunteer base from inside and outside of New Jersey and the one common thread was a passion for our cause. It was heartwarming to have our call answered by so many!

Administratively, we made great strides over the past 18 months. The ProBono Partnership matched our organization with three highly qualified, very personable big-hearted attorneys to provide us counsel on our trademark, contract and website matters saving us thousands of dollars and ensuring our compliance with regulations, and protecting the privacy and security of our clients, volunteers and all who visit our site. Our last big accomplishment rests in the hands of our supporters to help us raise funds needed for hospital equipment.

This has been a year of incredible volunteer involvement and support! Thus far, 72 volunteers from seven states have helped us provide 222 handmade fleece NICU isolette coverlets/blankets, 35 handmade quilts for mother’s who experienced stillbirths or perinatal loss and 350 palm sized stuffed fleece stars for mothers to keep close to their hearts and then place next to their fragile babies in the hospital to comfort them. In addition, several high school volunteers conducted drives and assembled 50 sibling activity bags for the NICU waiting room and several other volunteers collected 280 brand new children’s books for Father’s Day gifts and to keep on a cart in the NICU to encourage Dads to read to their babies when visiting the NICU. This promotes bonding and literacy! We are beyond grateful to all those who made this happen!

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Thank You

Thank you to all the volunteers and community groups who worked tirelessly to hand craft the isolette coverlets/blankets, Star Craft Project, and sewn quilts. Your material donations, time and talents were greatly appreciated by our organization, the hospital, and most of all the babies and their parent(s).

To our stand out leaders who conducted successful community drives to collect children’s books and children’s activity items for the waiting room, you have our sincere appreciation and admiration!

To our volunteer attorneys, Gregory Tole, Esq., from GlaxoSmithKline, Patricia Wershulz, Esq., and John G. Webb III, Esq., matched to our organization by ProBono Partnership of New Jersey, thank you for your professional time, skills and good counsel.

Thank you to Gayle, Donna, Kim and Anna Marie for volunteering to work behind the scenes as a part of our virtual office because it is only together that the sky is the limit for The Tiny Star Foundation and the families it serves!

With gratitude,
Karen Carbonello

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