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Amidst the big sky of public health issues, we are here to shine a little light on the many challenges that families of preterm babies face before, during, and after a preterm birth, prenatal or perinatal loss and to offer a glimmer of light that provides hope, emotional support, information and resources to all who have been affected by these experiences.

In short, we are here to help you find your way!

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Our Story

The Tiny Star Foundation was officially started as a charitable organization on Valentine’s Day 2020, born out of love and a compelling desire to help others along their way. Ours is a story of hope, dedicated to the babies that exist only in our hearts and one tiny boy who grew and grew in the Land Called NICU.


There are glimmers of light on the horizon. Look for the announcement of new programs and possibilities in the months ahead.

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Information seems nowhere, and everywhere; it can be daunting. We’re here with non-medical tools, tips, books and contacts. This is for anyone wanting to support someone else or take care of themselves. We’ll prove you are not alone!

Help Us

We know you are out there! Calling all the movers and shakers and better-world-makers, we need you. Grab a hand, we can change lives in big and tiny ways individually, in groups and right here in our community.

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This year's beneficiary is St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

They are located at 703 Main Street, Paterson, NJ  07503, and their phone number is (973) 754-2500

Stay Connected

Are you a grandparent, a family member, or a caring friend? Are you looking to be more informed and supportive for a loved one? Let us send you updates on new resources, our quarterly newsletter and information about upcoming events.

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